Auditions for 21-22 Season: Cloud 9 AND Xanadu

Cloud 9                                                              

Written by Caryl Churchill                                 
Directed by Clair M. Freeman                           
Show dates: March 3-7, 2022


Book by Douglas Carter Beane with Music & Lyrics by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar
Directed by Bill Mutimer; Music Direction by Lucille Kincaid; Choreography by Tina Williams 
Show dates: April 21-24, 2022​



Wednesday, January 19 and Thursday, January 20 (callbacks on Friday, January 21 if needed)
**only need to attend one night (Wednesday or Thursday)
6-8:30 p.m.


Report to table on first floor for audition forms
Cloud 9 will be in room 301; Xanadu in Lipkin Theatre


  • Cloud 9: cold read from the script (provided)

  • Xanadu: 32 bars of a contemporary Broadway Song (accompanist provided; bring your music) and cold read from script (provided)

Video submissions will be accepted for both shows; they must be sent to William Mutimer at by 9 p.m. on Wednesday, January 19. For video submissions:

  • Cloud 9: Include a two-minute monologue of your choice. 

  • Xanadu: Include 32 bars of a contemporary Broadway song and a one-minute monologue of your choice.

Auditions for both shows are open to any student from Northampton Community College or Cedar Crest College, and members of the community. Ages for Cloud 9: 18-40


Cloud 9 Information

Cloud 9 is a time shifting comedy that, in large part, deals with gender roles and sexuality.  Act 1 takes place in British Colonial Africa in 1879.  Act 2 takes place in London in 1979; however the characters are only 25 years older. 

Cloud 9 is written to be played by a cast of four men and three women, with each actor playing a different role in each act.  Younger and older versions of several characters are played by different actors. Actors ages 18-40 of all racial, ethnic and gender identities are encouraged to audition.

The characters are listed here in the traditional US casting of the show.  The first character listed is Act 1, the second character is Act 2:

Actor 1 (M) Betty/Gerry

Actor 2 (M) Clive/Edward

Actor 3 (M) Joshua/Cathy

Actor 4 (M) Harry/Martin

Actor 5 (F) Edward/Victoria

Actor 6 (F) Maud/Betty

Actor 7 (F) Ellen/Mrs. Sanders/Lin

Cloud 9 Character Descriptions:
  (parentheses indicate the act the character appears in)


Clive: Clive is a colonial administrator representing the British government in Africa. He wants his family life to be orderly. Unfortunately, it isn’t. (Act 1 only)

Betty: Clive's wife and Edward and Victoria's mother; her oppression and subsequent growth is central to the play's story. (Acts 1 and 2)

Joshua: Joshua is Clive's Black servant in Victorian Africa. He wants the same power as white men. (Act 1 only)

Harry: Clive's friend Harry Bagley is an explorer trying (and failing) to hide his homosexuality in Victorian Africa. (Act 1 only)

Edward: Edward is the bisexual son of Clive and Betty. (Acts 1 and 2)

Victoria: Clive and Betty's bisexual daughter. She is played by a doll in Act 1. (Act 2 only)

Maud: Betty's domineering mother. (Act 1 only)

Ellen: Victoria and Edward's governess in Africa. She has a massive crush on Betty. (Act 1 only)

Mrs. Sanders: A widow in Victorian Africa who looks to Clive's family for help during native unrest. (Act 1 only)

Lin: A divorced mother and lesbian romantically interested in Victoria. (Act 2 only)

Cathy: Lin's four-year-old daughter who likes dresses and guns. (Act 2 only)

Martin: Victoria's husband. (Act 2 only)

Gerry: Edward's non-committal male lover. (Act 2 only)


Xanadu Information

Kira (Clio): The youngest of Zeus's daughters and the muses. Falls in love with Sonny. Adventurous. Honest and determined. Muse of history and the leader of the muses.

Sonny Malone: A self-critical and depressed, mortal, chalk artist who falls in love with Kira. Handsome, but not particularly smart. He embodies 1980s pop culture and is very much a California dreamer.

Danny Maguire (Zeus): The hard-nosed "all work and no play" businessman who owns the theater he once built for his love, Kira. Used to be a budding artist like Sonny but has since let money and greed consume him.

Calliope (Aphrodite): Kira's older sibling. Jealous of Kira and as Melpomene's sidekick, plots with her for Kira's downfall. The Muse of epics.

Melpomene (medusa): Kira's oldest sister. Mother of the Sirens. She is jealous that Kira is the leader of the muses rather than herself, and therefore creates the plot for her downfall. Muse of tragedy.

Thalia: One of Kira's older siblings and fellow muse. Muse of comedy. Actor doublings include Young Danny, and Cyclops.

Euterpe: One of Kira's older siblings and fellow muse. Muse of music. Actor doublings include Thetis.

Erato: One of Kira's older siblings and fellow muse. Muse of lyrics and erotica. As Eros, she is responsible for shooting Kira with the arrow of love brought on by Melpomene and Calliope's spell. Actor doublings include Eros, and Hera.

Terpsichore: One of Kira's older siblings. Muse of dance. As Hermes, the messenger of the gods, is deeply masculine in voice but sassy and flippant in attitude. Actor doublings include Hermes, and Centaur.

Ensemble: Muses, Andrews Sisters, Tubes Singers, People of NYC etc….